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  • Can I color a human hair hairpiece?

    Human hair wigs can be colored and highlighted like growth hair. The drawback is that the color will fade with prolonged exposure to sun just like growth hair and will need to be recovered or highlighted. Coloring a human hair wig requires special training and should never be attempted at home. A trained stylist will always do a test strand and in some cases may try multiple tests to achieve the desired shade.
  • What does a wig or hairpiece typically cost?

    Synthetic wigs can be purchased for as little as $40 through online suppliers or from wig shops, but do not look realistic. The best custom-made, human hair wigs can cost as much as $9,000. BERGMANNwig products range from $250 (Synthetic Hair) to over $5000 (Premium Human Hair).
  • Can I expect my insurance company to pay for all or part of a wig?

    Insurance coverage for wigs is generally unpredictable. Payment is usually obtained only on appeal after initial claim rejection. The insurance industry views wigs and hairpieces as cosmetic even though many states now exempt them from sales tax as a necessary prosthetic item when hair loss is caused by Alopecia Areata, chemotherapy or other medical causes. To have the best chance of receiving payment, your sales receipt must list your hairpiece as a “full cranial prosthesis” and it is helpful to have a prescription from your doctor. In some instances, it may be necessary to include a letter indicating that the hairpiece was needed to maintain emotional well being. As difficult and sometimes humiliating as the process may be, insurance reimbursement is worth the battle. There are several hairpiece companies and women’s support group organizations that are actively fighting the battle for better insurance coverage. Check with the National Alopecia Areata Foundation (www.naaf.org) for additional tips in filing a claim.
  • What do I need to know about Synthetic Wigs?

    Synthetic hair wigs by BERGMANN are made of high-quality synthetic fiber and are virtually indistinguishable from human hair, thanks to modern technology and the results of extensive research and development performed by BERGMANN.The decisive advantages of synthetic wigs is that they require comparatively little maintenance and that their preformed hair styles and textures (curly, straight, etc.) are retained after each hair-wash and every other situation you are in, hence do not require time-consuming styling. In addition, synthetic hair wigs are available in a large choice of hairstyles and colors.However, to retain the wig’s shape and silky shine for a long time, proper care with the BERGMANN Care Series is important. The detailed care instructions for synthetic hair will help you.However, what synthetic hair offers in ease, it lacks in versatility. It cannot be styled in many different ways like its human hair counterparts can. Synthetic hair is also less durable than human hair: with proper care you can expect synthetic hair wigs and hairpieces to last about 6 months. It is important to follow our BERGMANN care recommendations to get the optimal life span from your wig. Synthetic wigs range in price from $40 to $800 depending on cap construction and type of synthetic fiber though some with advanced (Heat Resistant) fibers can cost up to $2000.
  • What do I need to know about Human Hair Wigs?

    Human Hair wigs are considered the best choice if you want to truly replicate your own hair. High quality wigs and hair pieces from BERGMANN are virtually undetectable. Human hair is always the right longer hairstyle and a look and feel that is very natural. These wigs flow and move like biological hair. They feel soft to the touch and on your neck, can be permed and colored, and generally last much longer than synthetics.

    The drawbacks are that they need care and styling like growth hair and require that you have a flexible budget; they are generally more expensive.
  • Can I wash and style a Human Hair solutions?

    Human hair wigs require shampooing and conditioning about every 7-10 days depending on how often you wear them and if you use hair products you will need to wash it more often. They can be air dried overnight or dried with a hair dryer. Use low heat to protect the hair from damage. Use heat styling tools carefully so that you do not damage your hair. If your human hair wig has been permed, you may treat it like permed growth hair. It is important to make sure you follow the care instructions provided on this website and to always thoroughly, but carefully rinse the hair and base free of products. Product buildup is the leading cause for premature hair loss on a wig.Also, we recommend getting a water filter if you live in an area with hard water as that can cause long term damage to a wig and reduce the lifespan of the hair.
  • Can I color a human hair hairpiece?

    Human hair wigs can be colored and highlighted like growth hair. The drawback is that the color will fade with prolonged exposure to sun just like growth hair and will need to be recovered or highlighted. Coloring a human hair wig requires special training and should never be attempted at home. A trained stylist will always do a test strand and in some cases may try multiple tests to achieve the desired shade.
  • What are the differences between human hair and synthetic hair?

    There are advantages to both and many people choose to have human hair and synthetic hair wigs on hand for different circumstances. Human Hair offers the most natural look and feel as well as styling versatility. While typically more expensive, with proper care, human hair can last over a year. Synthetic hair tends to be a more affordable choice and offers great ease of wear — wigs can often be worn right out of the box with little or no styling.
  • What are the different types of wig cap construction?

    Constant innovation in technology allows for increasingly wearable and comfortable wigs! The base of any wig is referred to as a cap. The hair is attached to the wig cap using a variety of techniques to achieve different looks. On most wigs, hair is attached in "wefts." These are strips of hair doubled over and sewn closely together in long strands. Others are hand-tied for the most natural movement. If you like to wear your hair swept away from your face, lace front wigs are the best option. If you like parting versatility, we recommend the different types of Monofilament wigs. 100% Hand-Tied and Monofilament wigs are known for being gentle on sensitive scalps.
  • How do I figure out my wig size?

    Many wigs come in Small, Average and Large sizes. Average size wigs, however, tend to fit about 95% of customers. We have a guide that will help you measure your head to determine the best size!
  • How do I put on a wig?

    After removing your wig from the box, take off the protective hairnet and give it a good shake. If it is a Ready-To-Wear synthetic hair, you are ready to go! If it requires customization (such as trimming a lace front), we recommend you consult a hair stylist. If you have a lot of your own hair, the first step is to gather it back and up. One great trick is to separate hair into two sections on each side of your head. Twist the hair as you pull it back and around the head so that it will eventually lay flat. This tactic can help avoid a pony tail bulge. You may choose to use pins, braids or wig caps (recommended). A wig cap can be helpful even without hair to keep wigs secure and in place. Hold your wig at the sides (ear tabs) and starting at the front, place it at your natural hairline. Slide it on toward the nape of your neck and shift as needed using the ear tabs to help center your wig. Adjustable straps at the nape may help to achieve a more secure fit. If handling a lace front wig, take care not to tug on the lace as it can be a bit delicate. Don't worry if it doesn't look perfect right away, start styling!
  • Are there tips for making my wigs appear more natural?

    Human hair wigs tend to offer the most natural look but today, synthetic wigs can look very natural as well, thanks to great innovations in wig technology. Styles with lace front and monofilament features – or those that are 100% hand tied -- will also appear very natural. When it comes to choosing style, consider styles that will be most flattering given your face shape. As for color, it is often wise to stick close to your own natural color. Whatever you choose, a stylist can help you customize your wig to suit your preference.
  • What wig choice is best for a sensitive scalp?

    100% Hand-Tied Monofilament or Monofilament wigs tend to be most gentle on sensitive scalps. Some people use wig caps to protect the scalp. The Medicap by BERGMANN is a hypoallergenic comfort liner designed to add cushion — particularly at pressure points – to improve both fit and comfort.
  • Should I own more than one wig?

    Yes! First the practical reasons. Wigs can last longer if not worn daily. You can be washing and air-drying one while wearing the other. If you wear human hair or heat-friendly synthetic hair, you can keep one styled straight and the other curly to reduce stress. Here is a tip we love: If you'd like your wig to be your secret, get two or three of your favorite style and ask your stylist to trim them in stages. You can create the illusion of hair growth and haircuts and no one will be the wiser! And if you're more the adventurous type, you can have a little fun with a whole host of different styles and colors.
  • Can I curl or straighten my wig?

    Synthetic hair wigs can be irreparably damaged if you try to curl or straighten the hair with heat tools.Consider Human hair wigs for the ultimate styling versatility – you can curl or straighten them as you would your own hair.
  • Can I color my wig?

    Most styles come in a number of colors, lessening the need to color. While synthetic hair cannot be dyed, human hair wigs can. But it is a tricky process that should be handled by a hair professional only. We recommend only going darker, not lighter.
  • Can the wig be made bigger or smaller to better fit my head?

    Yes. Most BERGMANN wigs can be adjusted by tightening or loosening the small velcro tabs or straps in the back. This tightens and loosens the perimeter of the wig.
  • What is the best way to store a wig?

    A wig stand or mannequin is ideal. It will help keep the hair from becoming tangled and will help to maintain shape. Also, see if you can find a cool, dry spot to keep wigs in the best condition.
  • Can I wear my wig while cooking and using the oven?

    If you have a human hair wig, yes. If you have a synthetic wig, please be sure not to open the oven, dishwasher, barbeque, or rotisserie devices while wearing your wig. Also, try not to expose the wig to any other heat source, such as a blow dryer, curling iron, flat iron, or clothes dryer. Doing so can permanently damage your wig.
  • Can I use regular hair care styling aids with my new wig?

    Generally regular hair products can cause a build-up damaging your hair system. We recommend using our BERGMANN product line, which is specially formulated for synthetic hair and Human Hair systems and can help extend the life and beauty of your wig or hairpiece.

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  • How can I place an order?

    Online: Browse our selection, choose your item and designate desired color and quantity. Then click "Add to Cart". You can proceed to checkout from there.
    By fax: Simply fill out this order form and fax back to (415) 374-7406. If unable to view, download the free Adobe Acrobat reader:
    Adobe Reader
    By Mail: Simply fill out this order form. Mail the filled out form to:
    4249 24th Street
    San Francisco, CA 94114
  • Is my wig covered by my insurance?

    Ask your insurance company about "cranial prosthesis".
  • What are my payment options?

    We accept the following credit cards:
    • Visa
    • MasterCard
    • Discover
    • American Express
    • JCB
    We also accept PayPal and Amazon Payments.
    To pay with PayPal, place your items in the shopping cart and proceed to checkout. On the next page, you will be asked to provide your billing and shipping information.
    Note: If you provide an unverified shipping address, additional verification may be needed. After all required information is provided you will be redirected to the PayPal website to complete your order.
    BERGMANN Hair partners with Amazon to provide a quick and simple checkout option called Amazon Payments. If you have an Amazon Payment USA account you can select “Pay with Amazon” upon checkout and use Amazon to securely complete your order. Please make sure your Amazon shipping and billing information is accurate and up to date before placing an order.
    All Credit Card charges will appear as SP*BERGMANN HAIR.
    If we are unable to fulfill our obligation to ship any order, we will refund the amount charged to the original credit card.
  • What are your security and privacy policies?

    All personal information is kept private and used exclusively for the purpose of fulfilling your order and making your shopping experience successful. Strict guidelines are adhered to in order to keep your personal information private.
  • Can I be sure that online payments are safe and secure?

    BERGMANN Hair ensures that all customer details and information, including contact and purchase information, are kept private and all transactions are processed through a secure credit card processing system.

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  • What happens if I want to exchange my purchase?

    We want you to be happy. This is why we offer an unlimited exchange policy! Please feel free to exchange any eligible item. We make it easy by including a RETURN & EXCHANGE form in your shipment. Simply fill that out and mail it back with the item.
    Items are eligible for exchange if returned within 10 days of receiving your original order. Eligible items must be:
    • Unworn and unaltered, i.e. not cut, dyed, adjusted or otherwise manipulated in any way. BERGMANN Hair shall be the sole arbitrator to determine if a wig or hair piece has been manipulated and whether it qualifies for refund or exchange.
    • Returned in its original, factory condition, including the tags and any accessories included with the purchase.
    • Odor-Free (any odors on the product will render the product ineligible for exchange).
    • Item(s) must be returned within 10 days of receiving your original order.
  • Do you accept returns?

    As we do not sell refurbished or previously owned products, you can choose to return eligible items but a 20% restocking fee is applied. If you would like to exchange your item, we will waive the restocking fee.
    1. Items are eligible for return if returned within 10 days of receiving your original order. BERGMANN Hair shall be the sole arbitrator to determine if a wig or hair piece has been manipulated and whether it qualifies for refund. Items must be returned in its original, factory condition, including the tags and any accessories included with the purchase. It must also be Odor-Free (any odors on the product will render the product ineligible for exchange).
    2. Products which are ineligible for return are:
      1. Wigs that have been cut and styled by our company (as per customer’s request) cannot be returned.Wigs that have been especially custom-made or customized for a customer
      2. Last call or clearance items
      3. Discontinued items
      4. Items on sale
      5. Special custom orders
      6. Care & Styling products
      7. Accessories
      8. Liquids
      9. Gift Cards

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  • What are my shipping options?

    **** BERGMANN offers free shipping within the US on all orders over $50! ****

    On orders under $50, BERGMANN charges a flat rate of $7.95 for all shipping destinations within the US.

    For expedited FedEx deliveries in US we offer the following additional shipping options:
    • FedEx within two (2) business days: $19.99
    • FedEx overnight: $49.99
    For all shipments to Canada we offer following shipping options:
    • FREE SHIPPING to Canada for all orders over $200
    • Flat rate Shipping Canada: $19.99 (6-10 business days).*
    • Express Shipping Canada: $29.99 (3-6 business days).*

    For information and inquiries on deliveries to Mexico or other international destinations, please contact our customer service center (info@bergmann-hair.com).

    *We are not responsible for any duties, taxes, or additional charges that may be charged by Customs for any International deliveries.
  • Are shipments discreet?

    Yes! Your privacy is definitely a priority! Our shipments come from BERGMANN Hair (the word "wigs" or “hairpiece” is nowhere to be found).
  • Do you offer free shipping?

    Yes we offer FREE SHIPPING for most of your orders !

    For shipments in USA: FREE SHIPPING for orders over $50

    For shipments to Canada: FREE SHIPPING for orders over $200

  • Can I track my order online?

    If you have created an account with us, sign in anytime to view your account and order history.

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  • I am a Stylist. What are my wholesale opportunities with BERGMANN ?

    We created an exclusive program for professional hairstylists & business owners like you. As a member you will receive initially 25% off of your purchases. You must be a licensed cosmetologist or have a valid business license.

    To apply:
    1. Create an account on our website here.
    2. Email a PDF attachment of your cosmetology/business license and a copy of your valid ID to info@bergmann-hair.com
    3. Please allow 1 week for processing. Once you have received a confirmation email with your Discount Code, you can login to your account and start shopping with your wholesale discount.
  • Does BERGMANN offer more products for Wholesale Program?

    Yes. BERGMANN offers a wide range of products and services which are exclusively available for experienced and trusted stylists. This includes
    • Luxury Wig Collection
    • Women Hair Integration solutions
    • Men Hair Replacement solutions
    • Custom made/Personalized solutions
    • Products for professional use (e.g.Training Heads, Weaving Stations, Full head adhesives)
    • BERGMANN Hair Replacement Training Services
    Please email us at info@bergmann-hair.com or call us at (415) 525-3507 for further information on our extensive wholesale program.
  • Can I use a coupon code or receive special offers with my wholesale order?

    No, wholesale discounts cannot be combined with any other bergmann-hair.com promotions, coupon codes, free shipping and price matches. You will only be able to use the 25% discount code we provided.
  • Where will I see my 25% discount?

    During check out you can put in your discount code and the 25% discount will be reflected.
  • Can I mail you my credentials instead of emailing?

    Yes, you can mail them to: Bergmann Hair, 4249 24th Street, San Francisco, CA 94114. However, you must still register online with an account.
  • Is membership free?

    Yes, currently there is no membership fee for the wholesale program.
  • What if I don't live in the U.S. or Canada?

    Currently, membership is only available to residents of United States and Canada.
  • What are the wholesale discount benefits?

    Members will receive a 25% discount on all products.