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About Us

BERGMANN, a fully family-owned business, was founded in 1873 in Germany. Over our more than 140 years in business, we have become a leading European manufacturer of wigs, hairpieces, and hair additions for women and men. From our beginnings until today,our priority has always been to produce the most beautiful hair solutions with the best quality hair available. With a focus on selling our products through small, trusted stylist boutiques and only a few selected larger retailers in Europe, the U.S.and Asia, we have nurtured our business by nurturing our customers.

As a premium hair-solution provider, we at BERGMANN collaborate with our partners and retailers to achieve mutual success by being flexible and responsive to the various needs of large and small businesses. We focus on creating products that truly improve the lives of our customers with the highest possible quality of hair and comfort of wear. We want both women and men to express themselves through style and color, whether they seek alternative hair for fashion or replacement hair from need.

BERGMANN is the only European hair company with two fully owned manufacturing facilities: one in Germany, and one in Asia. Both provide us with a significant quality control and innovation leadership advantage. We are also the only hair company on the hair solution market that complies with the international quality standards CE and ISO 9001:2008. This officially demonstrates our commitment to beauty and quality.

We invite you to discover everything BERGMANN has to offer.

Our History

  • 1873

    Josef Bergmann, the Jewish founder of BERGMANN, learned the human hair business in Vienna, Austria, before establishing his own hair trade company in Laupheim, Württemberg, Germany, in 1873. At that time, untreated European virgin human hair was available only in Poland and Russia. Through extensive and sometimes difficult travels to these countries, BERGMANN established at that time the foundation and supply network for the fundamental and unchanged company principle: only to procure the highest quality Human Hair available in order to produce the most beautiful and natural looking wigs, hairpieces and other hair products.

  • 1881

    BERGMANN introduced a hairnet called the ‘Spider’ to the European market. Back then, a hairnet was a major part of every woman’s daily hair routine. So BERGMANN invented a new form of hairnet with unprecedented product quality and durability. Unrivalled customer satisfaction with the ‘Spider’ spurred significant growth in Josef Bergmann’s business.

  • 1884

    Carl Laemmle, who lived in Bergmann’s city of Laupheim, immigrated to the United States in 1884. He later founded Hollywood’s Universal Studios.

  • 1887

    BERGMANN became a leader in the human hair business in Europe, so the company opened a larger-scale production facility and two more production branches in Eastern Europe. This made the finest human hair solutions of the time available to a wider public.

  • 1914

    BERGMANN was the sole producer and supplier of plumes for Prussian helmets, which were an essential part of the dress uniform in many units of the Prussian-German army up to 1914.

  • 1939

    In the face of increasing legal repression and physical violence from the German Nazi regime, the Bergmann family immigrated to the United States.

  • 1952

    Back in business after World War II, BERGMANN was not only creating the most beautiful hair solutions on the market, but also extending its factory production for spectacular human hair wigs for major Broadway musical theatre productions and international film companies like Laemmle’s Universal Studios. Now BERGMANN's reputation as a major supplier for the professional entertainment and beauty industry around the world was reaching solid ground.

  • 1970

    By now the hair market is demanding high-quality synthetic hair products in addition to the existing human hair ones. To meet this need, BERGMANN invests in new headquarters, including a state-of-the-art research-and-development facility for conceiving the best synthetic hair for the most natural-looking hairpieces in the industry. BERGMANN’s worldwide patents and trademarks are the results of this scientific research. Materials such as Begalon™, B200, B800, and such later fiber types as BeTex™ all originate from BERGMANN’s research-and-development facilities and are used by wig producers all over the world.

  • 1985

    To capitalize on an increasingly global economy, BERGMANN opens a second fully-owned human hair wig production facilityin Manila, the Philippines, thusgeographically stabilizing its leadership in the international hair industry. This factory’s hair technicians are continuously trained by famous European technical hair experts from the production headquarters in Germany to live up to BERGMANN’sreputation as a leading designer and manufacturer of human hair wigs, hairpieces and other hair solutions.

  • 2006

    BERGMANN’s human hair production in the Philippines moves into a new, larger facility to accommodate its advancement in European production standards. This positive, safe work environment, combined with regularly updated European training standards, enables the BERGMANN artisans to create human hair wigs and hairpieces with the most beautiful natural hair movement and the most comfortable fit on heads. The BERGMANN production is certified CE and ISO 9001:2008, ensuring that its product lines meet even the toughest medical and dermatological requirements for hairpieces.

  • 2016

    BERGMANN establishes BERGMANN Hair in USA and opens a sales branch in San Francisco in January 2016. With the new presence in North America, BERGMANN can offer the firm's clients in USA and Canada easier access to Quality Certified and truly European hair solutions.

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