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  • Red Liner Adhesive Tape - Strong Hold - BERGMANN Hair

Red Liner Adhesive Tape - Strong Hold

$ 19.90

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Product details

Tape Strong Hold. Shorter Bonds.

The classic transparent tape for daily and secure wear of wigs and hairpieces. Slightly more tack than generic white liners, you can use this tape on its own or as a primer tape for stronger adhesives. This is our recommended wig and hairpiece tape for the secure short bond attachment.

Red Liner by BERGMANN measures 1" x 10 Yard and helps secure your wig or hairpiece in place. It’s intended for use on both Mono(Micro)filament and Polyurethane material. It’s an inch wide and can be cut to the desired length and shape with a pair of small scissors. You will replace your adhesive strips with every wear.  

Do not be misled by the name, this tape is definitely clear. It is more water resistant than other tapes and has a strong holding strength. It is a two sided transparent sticky adhesive which is covered with a glossy paper shielding (on one side) that allows for easy application. It was designed for bonding hairpieces along the sides of microfilament foundation or polyurethane base wigs.


Overall length: 10 Yards